Gsight Products

Special Material

PC/PETG Co-extrude Laserable Overlay

●Transparent Polycarbonate & PETG Co-extrusion film as overlay


●Made in both sheets & rolls


General Properties:
●Suitable for printing, lamination and magnetic stamping


●Lamination Temperature 130℃

Good Abrasion Resistance
Suitable for Lamination with PETG Core


Identity cards
Driving licenses


Data Sheet

Property Value
Color Transparent
Thickness(μm) 90~250
Wetting Tension(dynes/cm≥) 38
Roughness(μm) <1.5
Heat Shrinkage(%) <0.5
Stress at Break(MPa) >60
Density(g/cm3) 1.25
Luminous Transmittance(%) ≥80


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